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about us:


Quanto Jipo Me and Vali ChaleruOur kennel facilities are located in the heartland of sunny Brentwood California on a vast and even twelve acres of property that houses our family and animals, including our German Shepherd Dogs. Our geographical location privileges us to good weather all year round that includes sun drenched summers and easy going winters. Seven acres of our property is dedicated to our German Shepherds, this includes their boarding, kitchen (food, water and dishes), bathing and training facilities. Of course the dogs’ training facilities extend beyond the 7 acres as socialization is a vital part of the program and it requires that they be familiar with everything and everyone on the premises and beyond. 

The fact that we have a number of different animals (horses, sheep and chickens) on our property means that our German Shepherd Dogs and puppies are afforded the opportunity to be socialized at an advanced degree and thereby learn the importance of being tolerant of other species. A mandatory practise in our kennel is to familiarize our pups with as many situations as possible, this practise adds to the pups confidence as it lets the pup know what kind of behaviour is expected from them in different environmental settings.


Should our clients wish, we have a puppy training program that is far more extensive than the offered basics and it can be viewed here


Chaleru Young Daughter with Pup

We are approximately an hour away from the San Francisco International Airport and we furthermore have the expertise and experience in shipping and flying; puppies and dogs to a number of countries around the world from our dealings with our valued international clientele. We welcome any kennels, companies or persons that are interested in investing in our program or establishing a mutual networking relationship, we would be delighted to meet and discuss these opportunities in detail. Unfortunately due to our new insurance policy, we will no longer be able to offer kennel tours as our policy explicitly states that any person/s on our property should

be there for “pickups and dog sales only”.


Our kennel boasts the most sort after and legendary bloodlines from both the DDR and Czech lines. It is to be noted that we strive for certain “type” in our kennel that is reminiscent of patrol dogs from the “z Pohranicni Straze” era. These dogs had an imposing structure supported by a functional/working conformation that was further complimented by strong bones, powerful heads, rich pigmentation and dark eyes. Beyond their heavenly aesthetics, these dogs were admired by everyone because they had substance to their character, meaning that they were equipped with a rock solid nerve base that absorbed their high drives (defence, prey, hunt, food, fight and anger), they were clear headed (they possessed balanced drives and were thinkers) and they also had optimum health that ensured their longevity which is evidenced in their life span that averaged 14-16 years.

The puppies and dogs that we sell are testimony to the fact that we as a kennel have reached our goal of consistently producing a “set type” that we enhance and advance with each and every litter that we output. Our goal has always been to add to the versatility of the GSD breed and ultimately produce dogs that are solid and could be accommodated on all fronts and situations in life, including


Law Enforcement Work, Sport Competitions, Detection Work, Search & Rescue and Personal/Family Protection & Companionship.

Chaleru Older Daughter Showing Arma as a Pup

Our commitment is such that we’re weary of “kennel blindness” and are consequently always looking for new ways and partnerships to adding vigour and diversity to our breeding program. As it so happens in 2010 we were fortunate enough to organize a conference and have a meet with the infamous Mr. Jiri Novotny who was a director of the legendary “z Pohranicni Straze” for 21 years, we furthermore forged ties with his kennel (Jinopo) and others that he said he would recommend in light of goals. You can read more about our meeting here.

The “ideal type” of GSD that we constantly strive toward is informed by the dogs that we knew, raised and trained as youngsters well into our teens back in our native country. This “ideal type” is ultimately based on patrol dogs from there. My wife and I are Romanian nationals that grew up under communist rule that amongst many other things forced families to house whelping GSD dams (service dogs) as a means of socializing the pups from the litter, that was first encounter with the breed and dogs altogether. Housing whelping GSD dams entailed many duties that meant that we had to nurse (a lot of food and water for her) the dam back to full health and also help her feed her pups which further meant that we had to raise, socialize and train them. Through my chores and duties I was exposed to the true nature and potential of the German Shepherd Dog and before I knew it I was deeply in love with the breed and wanted to play a part in preserving and advancing its high level of intelligence and versatility. 

Chaleru Son with Pup

Having grown up in a country where a true working GSD was held in such high esteem, I was fortunate enough to have witnessed and part-taken in debates concerning genetics, pedigrees and bloodlines (both DDR and Czech) that were regarded to being the most consistent in producing superior working dogs. Working dogs of good quality always had/have a presence and balance about them and my biggest fascination with them was their amazing “on and off switch”, which was their ability to be “huggable teddy bears” with their family and then in an instant they’d turn into ferocious defenders at the sight of whatever/whoever they deemed a threat. These are the dogs that we produce!


Câini de Politie (Translates as Patrol/Police Dogs).


The Chaleru Family: