Saturday, March 2, 2013
SHEILA jipo me




Sheila Jipo Me

Sheila Jipo Me Side Profile
Sheila Jipo Me Front Profile
DOB:                                         07 April 2008
Show:                                       Velmi Dobry (Very Good)
Rated:                                      ZVV2
Elbows & Hips:                       0/0
DNA:                                          Approved / Saved
Owner:                                     Câini de Politie Kennel

Sheila Jipo Me is a premium Czech import and is a daughter of the incredible Reno Jipo Me and Tina Jipo Me (two exceptional producers from the Czech Republic). Sheila is a medium large female with extra ordinary conformation, overly rich pigmentation, superb bone strength, a powerful head and a nerve base made of steel.  


Sheila is a female that possesses desirable hardness and high energy, all of which are absorbed by her rock solid nerve base and wielded by her clear headed nature. She is an “all-rounder” in the sense that her work effort/ethic is unwavering, she is always fully committed in her protection work, listens to her handler and when in public she’s sociable, one would swear that she has alter ego. We are proud to have her in our kennel and look onto her to produce pups/dogs that will be best suited for top sport and law enforcement (depending on the training that the will pup receive).  



Reno Jipo Me

Tina Jipo Me