Saturday, March 2, 2013
cira jipo me






Cira Jipo Me

Cira Jipo Me Side Profile
Cira Jipo Me Front Profile
DOB:                                         07 April 2008
Show:                                       Velmi Dobry (Very Good)
Rated:                                      ZVV2
Elbows & Hips:                       0/0
DNA:                                          Approved / Saved
Owner:                                     Câini de Politie Kennel

Cira Jipo Me is the cream of the crop as far as Czech imported brood females go; she is the daughter of the world renowned Mambo z Pohranicni Straze and Chayma z Pohranicni Straze.


Cira is a medium large sized female with conformation exact to that of her sire’s (out of this world), she’s a richly pigmented dark sable and packs awesome bone strength and an impeccable nerve base. Cira is a hard female that inherited many traits from her father including her insatiable love for tracking and protection work.  


The most impressionable quality about Cira is her ability to reproduce her traits (namely hardness) in her litters. We look onto her to produce intelligent hard dogs that will be suited to excel in law enforcement, sports and personal protection (depending on how they’re trained).



Mambo z Pohranicni Straze

Chayma z Pohranicni Straze