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quanto Jipo Me



Quanto Jipo Me
Quanto Jipo Side Profile
Quanto Jipo Me Front Profile
Quanto Jipo Me Head Shot
Quanto Jipo Me With His Trophies
Quanto Jipo Me Pole Training Session
Quanto Jipo Me at the KVV Competition
Quanto Jipo Me at Hold Position
DOB:                                         21 October 2002
Show:                                       Vyborny (Excellent)
AKC Number:                          DN17306201
Breed Survey:                        1st class 5JX1/N
Rated:                                       ZVV3, IPO 3, ZZO, ZOP,
Elbows & Hips:                       HD A - Fast Normal (A2)
DNA:                                          # V467914
Owner:                                     Câini de Politie Kennel


It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our legendary Quanto Jipo Me. Quanto passed on the 5th of February 2012 as a result of a lung infection that he endured for three and a half years before he succumbed to it, he is however, survived by his progeny that we are raising at our kennel that not only resemble his handsome and masculine features but it seems to have also inherited his excellent working character.


Quanto is listed as an active stud in our kennel because we have a number of vials of frozen semen from him that we plan to use in our breeding program as we see fit.

Quanto Jipo Me is legendary in the Working German Shepherd World, we were fortunate to have had him in our everyday lives and kennel. Quanto was a premium Czech import that had a godly frame and a temperament to match his enormous spirit, he had a powerful and imposing build that was perfectly proportioned to his body structure, he also had insatiable drives that were easily controlled (even by our young children), his clear headed nature made him a perfect dog for the family and a legend on the sports field when he was competing with other dogs.


Quanto was a real dog as his sport conquests translated to and were useful in our everyday lives, he was a confident and dominant dog that had a presence about him that made him the centre of attention wherever he was, he possessed a dynamic aggression when at worked and an intelligence that was unmatched as he could easily discern a threat from a non-threat; he excelled in all tasks (especially obedience) as a result of his high level of intelligence. A maxim that resonates when describing Quanto would be one that read: “no better friend and no worst enemy.”



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