Saturday, March 2, 2013



Vali with Quanto and Arma as a PuppyOur puppy training program focuses on a number of exercises to that are meant to prepare our puppies for the possible environments that they will be exposed to, once they are old enough (8 Weeks) to head off to their new homes. We believe that our facilities have all of the necessary scenarios and conditions to prepare our puppies for any kind of condition/s beyond our facilities.


Our kennel facilities are one with my family’s property, meaning that our dogs and puppies are exposed to and are also handled by my wife, my two daughters (10 and 8 years old) and my son (7 years old). This exposure is meant to condition them to accept leadership from any and all members of the family, no matter the gender or age. This sort of interaction happens on a daily basis and the puppies learn to accept it fairly quickly. Our socialization program is further assisted by other inhabitants on our property that include; horses, racing pigeons (that I also breed) and show chickens that my daughters and wife breed and participate in competitions with.


These said variables (including our close friends that often come by to help us train and title our dogs) on our property encourage an advanced level of tolerance and socialization that allows our puppies to seamlessly merge into any given environment they finally end up inn.



Chaleru Daughter with Puppy

Our puppies are trained to cope with and to excel in everyday tasks such as peacefully walking alongside their handler while on a collar and leash, they’re introduced to stairs & slippery floors, they’re crate trained, familiarized with car rides and are also taught have good manners indoors so that they’re a joy to live with. We value our puppies’ hygiene and understand that maintaining it might at times be an uphill battle if they are not used to regular bathing, cleaning of ears, eyes, teeth and trimming of their nails. This is why we’ve familiarized them with these activities at a tender age so that keeping them healthy and clean will no longer have to be a battle but could rather be a bonding session/s between the puppy and its new family. Our puppies are taught using the reward system, positive re-enforcement and other effective training methods that we’ve devised over the years that are solely meant to develop their drive to focus on present assignments and to learn from those that they were given in the past. We understand puppies to be like small children and know that we as a breeder have a small window to weigh in an impression on their various brain developmental stage/s which is why we take each and every task teach them extremely serious. Please feel free to contact us to ask about anything specific in our training program.