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carly policia slovakia



Carly Policia Slovakia
Carly Policia Slovakia Side Profile
Carly Policia Slovakia Front Profile
Carly Policia Slovakia Platz Profile
DOB:                                         17 April 2004
Show:                                       Vyborny (Excellent)
AKC Number:                          DN17306201
Breed Survey:                        1st class 5JV5/55-N
Rated:                                       AD, ZVV1
Elbows & Hips:                       HD A Normal (A1)
DNA:                                          Approved / Saved
Owner:                                     Câini de Politie Kennel


Carly (Caro) Policia Slovakia is built medium large with superb conformation that is brought to the fore by his overall aesthetic that includes his rich pigmentation, strong bones, powerful head and also not forgetting his rock solid nerve base. He is a strong male that belongs to the “select few category” known as the “clear headed” in the dog world. Carly has an intense and immense drive that is one with his natural willingness to work for and to please his handler. He possesses “usable capacity”, a rare and sought after quality that means that his; “entire movement potential is used to complete the required exercises fast and exactly according to the wishes of his handler”.

Carly is multi-faceted as he also possess exceptional social behaviour where one finds that his interaction with strangers neutral as he remains aloof and suspicious of them throughout, all the while showing great concern for his master as he constantly refers to him for any further direction. Carly’s enormous bite and hard grip is testimony to the Police Breeding Station of Slovakia’s philosophy and breeding stock.

Carly’s bloodline is carried over from the world renowned DDR dog; Ingo v. Rudingen and further over the World Working Champion Orry v. Haus Antwerpa. Carly is used in our breeding program as a means of re-introducing the “old working blood” of the former DDR dogs that were renowned for their willingness to work. We look to Carly to improve conformation, to strengthen the body frame and to also improve the withers.



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