Saturday, March 2, 2013


We guarantee that the dog sold to you will be free of any congenital, genetic or temperamental defects, we have furthermore taken the initiative to pair you with a dog that we believe will be the best match to your stated intentions and needs. All of our dogs come with the necessary documentation pertaining to their registration, health and wellbeing. However, due to the AKC’s registration process, all relevant documents for the purchased dog/s are likely to take up to 6 months before the buyer receives them, the waiting period is even longer for foreign registrations.

It is of utmost importance that the buyer takes their newly purchased dog/s to a licensed veterinarian for a full checkup within 72 hours of the new dog’s arrival to its new home, so that the dog could be returned immediately should it’s health condition be found wanting. For a comprehensive and effective diagnosis at the veterinarian’s office, we urge the buyer to present their vet with the dog’s stool’s sample. As stated before, should the dog’s health be found to be poor then the dog should be returned to us as soon as possible (at the buyer’s expense) for a replacement of equal quality and value (as soon as one is available). Failure to see a veterinarian within 72 hours will nullify all guarantees, no further guarantees or arrangements will be made at this point. We will accept back a dog that has been spayed, neutered or one that has been bred before. These are our standard “terms and conditions” and they apply to all our contractual agreements, unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon between us and the buyer. All guarantees and contractual agreements are between us and the original buyer, they do to extend or transfer to any secondary or third party/ies.       

According to this contract, the buyer bares sole responsibility to safeguarding the dog from environmental causes of hip/elbow dysplasia by administrating it with proper nutrition, by supervising all exercises and “play-time” to ensure that no stress related joint injuries occur during the dog’s critical bone developmental stages. Should the dog develop any crippling hip/elbow dysplasia (confirmed by x-rays from a competent and licensed veterinarian), then it should be returned to us as soon as possible (at the expense of the buyer). The replacement agreement will only be valid and applicable when the said dog is x – rayed and evaluated at the age of 1 year old. We reserve the right to request x – rays of the "dysplastic dog" so that we could send them to a board certified radiologist or a veterinarian of our choice before we replace the said dog. Should the buyer choose to keep the “defective” dog after all reports from veterinarians confirm that its health is deteriorating, then the buyer thereby forfeits the replacement agreement, unless other arrangements were mutually agreed upon at the time of the sale of the dog.

The dog must be registered with the name that is recorded on the AKC transfer papers, otherwise all guarantees are null and void. NO EXCEPTIONS. The owner can name the dog whatever he pleases, this is referred to as the dog’s "call name" that will not appear anywhere on the dog’s registration papers. An example of this practice would be our stud dog; Carly Policia Slovakia whose call name is "Caro."

All contractual agreements are between Câini de Politie and the Buyer. In the event of a dispute that has irreconcilable differences then the Californian, Contra Costa County will have jurisdiction over the matter.



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